Brenda, is extremely talented and has been a contractor and volunteer in support of our organizational goals to provide assistance, direction, and support to the leadership of our high school students with whom we work with. She brings a sense of purpose to the role and is constantly identifying new and different avenues to engage our students. She provided a learning environment that encourages and motivates them, it is an open dialogue, no judgments. She is an excellent listener willing to take the time to listen before she provides any commentary. Brenda is also very detailed orientated. Recently she co-chaired a student leadership conference with lots of moving parts, she detailed the conference in a way that we always knew what each person was responsible for and the resources required. If someone was not in attendance it was very easy to complete a task or raise a concern we all were owners of the project's success.

Margie Rivera,
Sr. Mgr AA/EEO Compliance at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Delaware

Brenda was the HR Business Partner for the affiliates in Latin America with the strategic markets Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, and Denmark and worked closely with me and each of the General Managers to understand recruiting needs, handle employee issues, talent management and deployment of the performance management system. Brenda was driving a major initiative with the local HR specialists to adapt global HR programs and develop / overhaul all local HR policies and procedures in compliance with local regulations and requirements. Together with Brenda we worked on a compensation market analysis project/initiative across LATAM to drive business needs. Brenda showed a high degree of availability and set up weekly updates with the local HR Partners and GM's as well as myself. She has a high level of cross cultural awareness. Being a good communicator Brenda made effective use of her interpersonal and coaching skills in her HR Business Partner role.

Heinz Neuhaus,
Director QA Operations / Qualified Person Celgene International, Switzerland

I worked with Brenda during her consulting tenure at BCBSD and found her to be reliable, knowledgable, and efficient in meeting deadline commitments. It was a pleasure working with her and she has my endorsement.

Lamar Jones,
Operations Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of DE, Delaware

Brenda is a people-oriented individual who approaches every project and/or initiative with great enthusiasm and creativity. She remains calm in stressful situations and works with an individual or team members to resolve conflicts.

Efrain Garcia,
Vice President, Lloyd's Register Energy Americas, Inc., Texas

Brenda is a client and partner with Right Management. She has always been very clear about her needs and expectations of Right and very responsive in meeting our needs for information and follow up. Brenda is a very personable and enjoyable colleague and a delight to deal with. She is helpful and enthusiastic and operates from the perspective that when one partner wins, we all win. She is a solid HR background, a keen business mind, and a good sense of humor. I would heartily endorse Brenda as an HR professional and business partner.

Kay Rock,
Writer and Speaker, Delaware