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Brenda Soto Associates leads clients to identify workforce issues, root causes, and essential talent needs, developing and implementing strategies to use data-driven talent decision regarding selection, hi-potential identification, and leadership development to create high performing organizations and move the business forward.

How We Can Do It

Managing Performance

Our employee performance solutions provide a world-class system for developing, measuring, and aligning individual goals with the strategic priorities of your organization. Coaching employees maximizes productivity and creates opportunities for improvement on a consistent basis.

Leadership Development

Our leadership assessments provide objective and quantifiable data to address specific leadership skills in the areas most essential to improving job performance and to make the best possible leadership development and training decisions. We will help you identify managers who need improvement, the areas in which they need further development, and the progress they have made toward improving the necessary skills.

Custom Spanish & English Training

Targeted to enhance employee skills in the areas needed to improve your organization’s effective performance offering on-demand Spanish and English training solutions to prepare the workforce of our community with the talents and skills to be successful in a constantly changing business environment

  • Quality training that matches your priorities
  • Individual desk-side training available
  • Training at your site or in an external facility for groups small to large
  • Train the entire staff at once or train one-on-one

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