Training & Development

Custom Spanish & English Training

In addition to world-class consulting services, our assessment can identify the skills gaps in your workforce to develop original training solutions. The custom training is targeted to enhance employee skills in the areas needed to improve your organization’s effective performance.

  • Quality training that matches your priorities
  • Individual desk-side training available
  • Training at your site or in an external facility for groups small to large
  • Train the entire staff at once or train one-on-one
  • BSA also offers on demand Spanish and English training solutions to prepare the workforce of our community with the talents and skills to be successful in a constantly changing business environment.

    Job Based Skills Testing

    If you’re looking for a quick start solution to test the fundamentals of specific subjects, our Business Partner, eSkill, offers hundreds of subject-based tests with over 3,500 combinable subjects and subtopics across a wide range of disciplines including IT, Programming, Office Software, Accounting, Healthcare, Legal, Call Center, Retail, and others. These are comprehensive off-the-shelf, single subject tests with 40 questions each. Or choose from our job-based tests, which are multi-subject assessments covering the skills needed for a wide range of job positions like Customer Service Representative, Data Entry Operator, and Office Manager.

    eSkill also offers advanced simulation tests, which allow you to evaluate how candidates fulfill actual job tasks. Our simulations test candidates’ skills with many popular office software programs and customer service environments, uniquely allowing for multiple correct solutions.